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We at Galen Hospital, are committed to providing a caring and child-friendly environment through our reliable, trusted and experienced pediatricians, health care specialists, and pediatric consultants.

We, at Galen, do not promote one size fits all approach. We realize and understand that a child’s needs are not the same as an adult’s. Children are affected differently by the same health issues or problems that the adults face. Our best pediatricians diagnose and treat diseases, medical conditions, and injuries that require care for babies, children, and adolescents. That is why, our doctors provide expert healthcare and treatment along with personalized attention such that their physical, mental, emotional and social well-being is not adversely impacted.

At Galen, the Department of Pediatrics encompasses the preventive treatment, early diagnosis and timely care of both infectious and non-infectious diseases in children. Our expert pediatricians in Hyderabad are trained to diagnose and treat a wide variety of childhood-related illnesses, including minor illnesses, like seasonal problems, allergies, etc. Besides just treating the diseases, our experts also take care of your child’s general health check-ups and vaccinations. Our well-trained and experienced healthcare professionals are involved in every step of the growth and development-related issues in children and adolescents.

Our expert pediatricians understand the importance of holistic healthcare that ensures that your loved one regains health as quickly as possible. Our comprehensive services cover every condition – from minor health issues to serious diseases – with sensitivity and compassion in a child-friendly ambience.

Our team of top pediatricians provide consultation and counseling in the following areas: * Personalized care * Evidence-based and all-round treatment of a wide range of children’s diseases and illnesses * State-of-the-art infrastructure * Advanced diagnostic facilities * Comfortable and relaxed atmosphere

The Pediatricians at Galen have a high level of expertise in pediatric care. This is why, our team of experts not only have the professional expertise but also good listening skills, keen observance, sharp analytical abilities and above all, empathy that puts a child at ease immediately and builds up trust in our healthcare professionals. Our excellent patient-centric approach, along with our highly experienced pediatricians, ensure that your child receives the best care possible, and all your child’s health needs are met.

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